23 June 2011

where lies the true love..

all the problems that happened to me this
i was overcome by himself
i stood on its own feet without help from anyone
is easy for us to find peace?
success? strength of self?
God is conscience i understand now
sometimes i wondered for a moment..wheter a meeting
had been planned? or a coincidence?
here i would like to share some stories i am with the meeting he..

 i am a person interested in outdoor activities
my friend are asking me to go event managment courses
at kampar perak..there the beginning of a story all about us..
i went with my two good friend,ct zubaidah & ct nasuha..
acctually we will live year examination but we all do not concerned about that..
after the expiry of the class, we move to kompleks sukan kg pandan..
front of our college..i see only 23 people only in bus..hahaha..
is very little that will follow..i was tired & slept..night all..

quiet,no one, thats is my first view..so,we go into the room that had been
prepared for us..when i want go to the toilet, i saw several women in the next room..
that night i was selected to become AJK sports & fitness with someone..
throughout the program, i had never spoke with my partner AJK..
i dont like it because he arrogant ! aarrgghh !

during lunch, last one day..we change the phone number each other..
i noticed in the bus, i saw number my partner AJK..hahaha
so funny..its ok kn..i want to be friends with everyone..i received one mesej from
him..wwoooww..thats nice kn..urm after 23 days we friend,we always out..
for dinner,genting & more we do..

so,today 23 june 2011..we together almost for one years sayang..
i luv u so much u know..n i know u feels same with me..
everthing we've been together..i'm sorry sayang if i do somthing that u dont like it..
if u want know that i had no one than u..
i love u forever n ever n ever..
ezaddeen irfan